React Full Stack



This MERN stack based course will focus on web development-based JavaScript framework including Nodejs, Reactjs, Express and MongoDB. This MERN Stack classroom based course makes the wannabe expert in different web technologies and tools of MERN Stack used for web and mobile application development. Apart from learning on the MERN Stack, learners are provided with career mentoring and resume assistance. Career fair support and tips for interview preparation are also offered to the learners. The learners acquire in-depth knowledge on full-stack web development, and also, the learners can develop hybrid and web mobile apps efficiently..

What will I learn?

  • Foundation of Web Development: Understand the basic structure of web page and how to build webpages using HTML and CSS
  • Responsive Web Designs and JavaScript: Build a responsive website that can be hosted on both mobile and desktop devices and understand JavaScript programming.
  • React and Advanced React: Understand the different steps involved in development of a react framework.
  • Start with NodeJs: Start with the backend and logical part.
  • MongoDB and ExpressJs: Revise the basics of your document database and NoSQL.


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